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私人占卜視訊 Private Reading

一對一視訊聊天占卜(1小时ZOOM或QQ視訊占卜+視訊影片存檔)1 Hour ZOOM Reading

  • 1 h
  • 200 Singapore dollars
  • ZOOM (Online)

Service Description

*不開放24小時內緊急占卜* *占卜視訊超時15分鐘會開始計算額外收費, 每半小時新幣$80* *會員有新幣$50折扣* *請一定不要遲到,若缺席或遲到超過15分鐘,占卜將取消不能退款。 語言:普通話中文 我將會在ZOOM或QQ(內地的顧客)與您視訊占卜。您也會收到一個視訊影片存檔給您過後觀看。我會使用雷羅曼,天使,佛陀,茶葉或塔羅牌來幫您占卜。我不提供醫療和懷孕建議,請諮詢您的醫生或使用一個驗孕棒。另外,我不提供彩票建議。 一旦敲定您的時間, 不能取消。若缺席, 無法退款。 請留意,如果你們在三個月內有下過訂單,我會退還你們的訂單。我會等三個月後,你們能量提升之後,再為你們占卜。有能量占得比較準,如果一直問一樣的問題的話會越佔越亂。感恩。 在您付款之后,請與我預約一個時間視訊。 一旦付款,不能退還,我會盡我的全力給您一個準確的占卜。 請提供您的真名或常用的名字,生日(太陽上升,年齡需求)還有您的性別。請不要提供您很酷的小名或不常用的英文名字,因為我是用您的名字和您傳信息留下來的能量占卜。如果您的問題有包含您於其他人,請提供他們的名字和生日(太陽上升,年齡需求)和性別。請在下訂單的半小時內提供您的信息,如果你們提供錯誤的信息或忘記給一些資料,我不會做第二次的占卜。 您提供的資料將是機密,不會洩漏或分享給其他人。 根據一些國家/地區的法律(美國,英國),這占卜僅用於娛樂目的。讀者應負責他/她自己的生活選擇和決定。 謝謝光顧! Member has $50 discount. Language: English I will conduct a zoom meeting with you and do your divination reading. You will also recieve a recorded video of your zoom reading. I will use lenormand, angel, Buddha, tea leaf or tarot cards for the reading. I do not provide medical and pregnancy advice, please kindly consult your doctor or your pregnancy kit. Also I do not provide lottery advice. No cancellation of booking timings once confirmed, readings will not be refunded if you do not attend for your reading consultation. Please do take note that if you have placed a reading within 3 months, I might refund your order. I will do your readings after three months when you have increased your energies. Constantly asking the same questions will result to inaccurate results. The reading will be delivered through a youtube link or a video file within 3 working days after purchase. Reading is not refundable once delivered, I will always do my best to make my reading as accurate as possible. Please include questions, your real name (please do not provide your nickname), birthday (for sun, ascendant, age purposes) and gender when purchasing. If possible, when questions involve you and other people, include a name, date of birth (for sun,ascendant, age purposes) and gender of whoever is involved in the reading. Please provide your information within half an hour after your payment. If you provide wrong or missing information, I will not do a second reading. All the information you provide will be private and confidential. It is a legal requirement, in accordance to the law in several countries, to state a disclaimer that these readings are for entertainment purposes only. The reader is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions.

Contact Details

  • Singapore

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